saintonge (saintonge) wrote,

I Feel Like I'm Going to Die

        But frankly, I'm afraid that's overoptimistic.

        I spent the day being tortured by a sinister, evil alien life form, bio-engineered to look human and his traitorous human collaborator.  Tomorrow, another alien life form will add attempt to cripple me for life, and the first two will also go after me. And then, on Sunday, yet more.

        Death would be sweet, but they're too clever for that.  Even worse, they used their alien mind control rays to get us to pay for the privilege of being tortured.

        H. Beam Piper once said that things that are good for people in the long run are usually Hell in the short run.  I think this might be good for me in the long run, but I wouldn't bet it big. I am sure about the Hell, though.

        And as a bonus, it's snowing, which will mean shoveling sometime this weekend.  Sweet.

        Kill me now, please.
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